Executive Council 2019-2020


The Society has elected their new lineup for the Executive Council 2019-2020 during the Annual General Meeting on 2nd March 2019.

President : Karen Wong 

Vice President : William Chu

Hon. Treasurer : Michael Tan 

Hon. Secretary : Agnes Shin

Committee Members :

1. Kon Yuk Thiam 

2. Chin Kui Jin 

3. Flora Fung 

4. Eric Tan

5. Prescilla Tham

6. Walter Cheng 

7. John Wong 

Auditors : 

1. Christopher Liew 

2. Voo Ming Chung

Returning Officer : Kenny Lim 


Posted by SUPERADMIN | 2019-03-06

2009 ICT Fiesta Tawau

Committee At Work


2009 ICT Fiesta Tawau

Exhibition Hall

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2009 ICT Fiesta Tawau

Tawau Street

bundling in display

2009 ICT Fiesta Tawau

Exhibition Hall

big bargain

2009 ICT Fiesta Tawau

The Show Is On

main entrance

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